by Sylvia Jemutai

Hi there,  welcome to Dine with Jemutai. 

I’m Sylvia Jemutai founder of Dine with Jemutai.  I am a food & product photographer, food stylist, writer/blogger and recipe developer based in Nairobi. 

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always enjoyed cooking and exploring different culinary experiences which was heavily inspired by farm life and a family of foodies. Cooking for me is a way of expressing myself and creating edible art that feeds my body & soul. and there’s nothing that beats a hearty home cooked meal. 

I cook, style and shoot all of the food on my blog (Unless stated otherwise). Often driven by a current food craving, food experiment or  food season. So you might catch me baking banana bread at 11pm on Instastories. 

 A little bit more about me.

Born and raised in Kitale, I spent most of my childhood on my Grandmother’s Farm making exquisite mud pies and exploring life through the daily farm activities. Even if it meant waking up at the crack of dawn I was always eager to learn and prove that I could do anything I set my mind to. Plus having older siblings & cousins around drove a fair amount of competition. Whoever could milk a cow the fastest or pick the most crops was rewarded or praised for a good job. So I just had to be faster and stronger. (Even if i’ve not milked a cow in over 10 years I think I could still handle the heat).

In school I majored in Art & Design,Business Studies & Psychology,  then went on to study Industrial Design at the University of Bournemouth. Throughout my studies I continued to feed my interest in cookery by taking classes, working part time in professional kitchens, YouTube, reading cookery books and of course testing my culinary experiments on friends and family. 

Fast forward to now, rather than working in a professional kitchen I really enjoy capturing food from my home test kitchen and restaurants. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so being able to tell a story through food and photography is my happy place.   

Philosophy – “Listen to your Grandmother’s teachings, eat fresh produce & always make room for dessert. “

Right! Enough about me let’s get to cook, discover and create beautiful food stories the visually inspired way because we eat with our eyes first.



 – Dine with Jemutai A visually inspired plate –