Roasted Cherry Tomatoes

The Idea of roasting ingredients couldn’t be simpler, tasty and such a time saver.

When it comes to roasting, I love how you can create quick easy meals by simply putting all your ingredients together coating with some oil and seasoning, then chuck them on a baking tray and let the oven get to work. It’s such a great technique that brings out the natural sugars of food giving it a lovely colour, aroma and texture.

On this occasion I was blessed to receive a basket full of juicy tomatoes from my friends farm Muguga farm produce. I was inspired to kick things up a notch and roast some for great additions to my salads and pasta dishes. A simple pairing of  garlic thyme, rosemary, salt and some olive oil did the job. I roasted them at about 180˚c for 20 mins turning them once. Now at about 15 mins in, the smell was so intoxicating I couldn’t wait any longer. Letting them sit under a hot grill for 2 minutes helped speed up the job.

Trying not to eat them straight off the tray was a real task, but luckily a few made it an were used as part of an oil infusion. Infusing oils is a great way to add a depth and flavour giving any dish that extra nudge. For the infusion add fresh herbs like rosemary or thyme then Infuse for at least 24 hrs. If you cant wait 8hrs will do but the longer you leave it the better. Once infused, sieve the oil into a clean jar and use as desired. The tomatoes herbs and garlic can be puréed to make a paste for your next cooking experiment. Use the infused oil within 3 days.

Happy roasting!

Sylvia Jemutai
Sylvia Jemutai

Sylvia Jemutai is a food and lifestyle photographer, writer, food stylist, and designer based in Nairobi. Exploring life through delicious food and photography one plate at a time. With a fondness for delicious home cooked meals, mammoth salads and occasional dessert for breakfast.