No Bake Cheesecake

Cake Cake Cake!

Cheesecake has to be one of my first loves after chocolate of course! So for this Valentines season  I decided to give chocolate a break and head over to the world of rich velvety cheesecakes. If you’ve had a chocolate Tricolard before, this cheesecake has the same velvety texture with a golden crumbly biscuit crust.


10- 14 Digestives biscuits  (or half a box)

1 oz Unsalted Butter

4 oz Cream Cheese

3 oz Whipping cream

Vanilla Extract (a drop)

Juice of half a lemon

2 oz Icing sugar

Canned fruit of choice

Syrup glaze:

1/3 cup of sugar

60ml of water (about 4Tbsp)

Red Food colouring

Syrup Glaze

On a small pan add the sugar and water and bring it up to a gentle boil. Gently swirl the pan around as the sugar melts and try not stir. Be careful not to touch the hot syrup mixture! Once it’s turned a light amber colour turn of the heat and add the food colouring. Give it a light mix and pour it into a jug


Crush the digestive biscuits into a fine meal. In a heavy pan melt the butter and toss in the crushed digestives. Mix until well combined and golden brown.

Remove the meal from the heat and add in the cinnamon powder  and salt.

Divide the crushed digestives into 6 glasses and gently press down to form a crust. Chill the crust for about 20 minutes while you get on with the rest of the filling.

Into a mixing bowl whisk together the cream cheese and whipping cream until soft and fluffy. Mix in the icing sugar then the vanilla and finally a squeeze of lemon juice.

Use both a tablespoon and a teaspoon to carefully layer the cream cheese filing into the glasses. Be sure to chill the cheesecake between each layer in order to set. Repeat the process until your final layer but leave some space at the top for a final garnish.Add your final layer of fruit and drizzle over the syrup glaze. Chill overnight for best results, or for at least 2hrs before you tuck in!


Sylvia Jemutai
Sylvia Jemutai

Sylvia Jemutai is a food and lifestyle photographer, writer, food stylist, and designer based in Nairobi. Exploring life through delicious food and photography one plate at a time. With a fondness for delicious home cooked meals, mammoth salads and occasional dessert for breakfast.