How To Wash Fruits & Vegetables

Not too long ago around the same time there was a cholera outbreak I contracted food poisoning and of course my mind played little tricks on me as I freaked out and thought it could be cholera..yikes! Fast forward to now I’m back to my usual self and thank goodness it was just a really bad case of food poisoning.

Which brings me to the title of this post! How to wash your fruit and vegetables properly.

A lot of the time I just see people rinse fruit and call it clean to eat (Or not wash it at all). No matter how clean it looks if you’re going to eat it you should clean it. Pesticides and bacteria are things we can not see with our naked eye so taking precaution to clean your food reduces the risk of food poisoning and other food related diseases.

So here are 2 ways you can wash your fruit and veg properly or the dinewithjemutai way!

1.Fresh Water & A Veg Wash/LDC

Fill a large bowl/sink with water

Fill a large clean bowl or sink with water

Add in 2 drops of LDC/VegWash (I currently use diluted Ldc from Neolife)

Place the fruits & the vegetables in the bowl

Let them soak for 15 mins

Then rinse in fresh clean water or do vinegar rinse for 10 mins if you also have a slight case of OCD.

2.Fresh Water & A Vinegar Wash

Fill a large clean bowl/sink with water

Add 2 tbsp. white vinegar to it

Then add 1 tbsp. salt & mix it well

Place the fruits & the vegetables in the bowl

Let them soak for 25-30 min

Then rinse in fresh clean water

Notes : For raw leafy vegetables that I use in salads or smoothies I usually do a second rinse in vinegar and water.

Why use LDC

It’s a mild phosphate free cleaner and really pulls dirt off fruits and vegetables. Not only that you can use it as a dish washer too. Get it from your nearest Gnld distributor or drop me a message and I can get you a hook up.

Read more on cholera, food poisoning and learn how to be safe.






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