Know Your Body

How do you feel after having that meal? Still hungry, energized, lethargic or could you do with a nap?


Your body has an interesting way of telling you what’s going on after/during and experience. Though living in a 24hr life cycle, we often forget to pay attention to our bodies needs and ignore all the signs.

After eating a meal, doing a workout or working for endless hours, your body will communicate by responding to it’s current environment.


Just like how a workout plan may be great for someone but completely the opposite for another person, food behaves exactly the same way. The chemical reactions that occur in our system after eating certain foods have adverse effects on each individual for better or worse. That’s why you hear some people say, “I have a headache,” after you’ve both eaten the same meal or “gosh I’m still hungry” or worse “that gave me gas”…lol

A. One could be intolerant to something in the food or the combination, thus explaining the first outcome.

B. The sizeable meal ingested may have fallen short on nutritional value, which may explain the lasting feeling of hunger.

C. The chemical reactions of the food may be undesirable for your body to handle. So abort the mission.


I was once intolerant to eggs, and now surprisingly to avocados. I’m guessing after eating over a dozen throughout my childhood my body said enough is enough. In my teens I developed other food related intolerances that soon led to a weird and unrealistic diet I had to follow. Only later is when I discovered food as a form of medicine and not just a formula we had to follow.

Simply put the food we eat affects our bodies not just physically but mentally and emotionally, which in turn will always affect your productivity levels. So be aware of the types of food you ingest and most of all pay attention to how your body responds.

Here are some questions that can help you evaluate how your body reacts to what you eat.

Q What kinds of foods make you feel refreshed and energetic?

Q What foods make you sleepy, groggy or tired?

Q Have you ever noticed that your mood and productivity levels change after eating certain foods?

Q Which foods make you dehydrated?

Q Which foods make you go to the toilet immediately?

Everyone should have a relationship with food and be aware of your bodies response to it. So use these question as a way to evaluate how your body responds to certain foods.


  Know your body and food to enjoy a healthier, happier productive life.




Sylvia Jemutai
Sylvia Jemutai

Sylvia Jemutai is a food and lifestyle photographer, writer, food stylist, and designer based in Nairobi. Exploring life through delicious food and photography one plate at a time. With a fondness for delicious home cooked meals, mammoth salads and occasional dessert for breakfast.