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A Great Weekend in Three

Part I (Eatout Workshop with DennisThePresscot)

This past weekend was a super busy but beautiful weekend. If you kept up with me on Instagram stories you know how it all went down.

It started off with baking lemon drizzle cake and a batch of oatmeal cookies until 4AM on Friday. Why so late..! Well the way our supermarkets are set up at the moment you can hardly find all your ingredients in one place. So running on hardly any sleep I got to attend an Eatout Workshop at Tapas Ceviche that hosted one of my top Food Photography idols Dennisthepresscot.

I was super excited to meet him, learn how he styles food in action, watch how he creates food stories and learn more about his journey as a food creative.

As the workshop went on I noticed a familiar face that I knew from YouTube PetterMckinon.. Now at this point this is me trying to be cool calm and collected..Though I really was freaking out!

How is it possible that I’m in the presence of two of my top inspirational creators. Seriously If this is fate it was meant to be.

PeterMckinon is one of the top content creators of YouTube : Start crushing your Instagram stories, photography and video tutorials and just a huge inspiration.

Let’s just say my weekend started off on a super high!

I just remember saying to myself you’re here because of what you love to do and you’re learning from the best. Get in Jemutai!!

Not only did we get to photograph delicious food Chef had created for us, the prize for best photo was Dennis’s new cookbook Eat Delicious. Scooping the prize was the amazingly talented Tatiana Karanja. Congratulations Tatiana now we have an excuse to come over for Brunch!

Meeting new people in the same field with a passion for food and photography was really inspiring and a weekend well spent! I kicked it with the likes of SannieSanford, Foods&Foodeis, Eatout, SheilaRbala, and many more creatives and photographers.

Part II (Jacquie & Michael’s Wedding)

Pretty awesome right. Well it gets better. On the same day a beautiful soul (Jacquie Mwai) and another food photography Idol of mine was getting married! So the plan, Leave Tapas, hop into an Uber (change into my dancing shoes in the uber of course..) and head to Lord Errollds for the most beautiful wedding ever. Sure at this point I looked like that guy who just turns up for the reception.. Well as it turns out I met a few people who were at the workshop earlier as well…So we were those guys.. No matter what I was determined to make it and just like I had imagined it it was like a fairy tale wedding.

The venue was beautifully decorated filled with a warmth of love and beautiful people there to celebrate the union of Jacquie and Michael. It was just so beautiful and being able to witness it was such a pleasure.

We celebrated, love, friendship, marriage and danced our socks off!

Congratulations Jacquie and Michael wishing you a life full of laughter, love and as they say… many children to do stuff for you 🙂

Love Jemutai xx

Part III (CafeNgoma Social II)

I got home at about 10:30/11pm and I now needed to finish prepping for my Caffe Ngoma Presentation. But after all the dancing reality was I was too tired to start cooking at midnight.

So off to bed I went and woke up at 7:00 am to get cooking.

Caffe Ngoma Social is a LIVE Interview event where you get to interact with  musicians, guests and the host and founder Steve Chege on a one on one basis. As a guest on the show I decided to treat the audience to a few #Dwj treats from savory to sweet. On the menu was a delectable lemon drizzle cake, cinnamon and oatmeal cookies, two types of savory egg muffins; Bacon, ham and cheese and a veggie cheese feast.

It was such an honor sharing the stage with incredible people, Artists and brands that have such a positive impact on our society.

Meeting people who have a deep passion for what they do is such a breath of fresh air and a big inspiration.

A big thank you to all of you who inspired me and to you reading this may you be inspired to do what you love and do it often!





Sylvia Jemutai
Sylvia Jemutai

Sylvia Jemutai is a food and lifestyle photographer, writer, food stylist, and designer based in Nairobi. Exploring life through delicious food and photography one plate at a time. With a fondness for delicious home cooked meals, mammoth salads and occasional dessert for breakfast.