DIY Christmas Parcels

When it comes to wrapping edible gifts bon-bon style wrapping makes everything look so sweet and what’s not to love about Christmas candy.

I recently made some herb butters as a gift and wondered how to package them. Until  I discovered tissue paper rolls. Simple, home-made and a Diy project was what I was after.

As you may know now, I love home-made goodies but also get a kick out of recycling everyday household items like bottles and in this case tissue paper rolls.  They make a perfect parcel for my Herb Butters and are too cute for words.


Glue and Sellotape
3 Toilet paper rolls
White Parchment paper
Butchers Twine
Red Ribbon (Optional)
Brown Paper

Free Printable Home Made LabelsMerry Christmas Gift Tag


  1. Cut the toilet rolls in half then pop in your product. Cut the parchment to roughly A3 size (16×10) making sure there’s enough room on the sides.
  2. Tape one side of the paper to the length of the cylinder then pull the paper tightly around the cylinder and tape the end.
  3. Next grab some string and tie a firm not on each end. Tie it quickly to avoid the paper crumpling up too much. Snip off any excess string leaving enough room to tie a bow.
  4. Use brown paper to create a sleeve to go around the parcel then seal it with tape or glue.
  5. Lastly stick the product label (home-made) on the sleeve and tag the Christmas label to the top bow.

Tip : Stack the parcels in a bundle and tie them with a big ribbon or pop them in a bread basket with some rosemary and Christmas decorations.

 Happy wrapping and happy holidays!


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Sylvia Jemutai
Sylvia Jemutai

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