Delicate Dining | A 7 Course Food & Wine Pairing Menu

Hello Internet Family! Forgive my silence as you know it life happens and we sometimes have to go with the flow. Other than taking some time off I’ve been a busy bee behind the scenes and sampling exquisite wine and food is one of the lovely things I’ve experienced this month.

As you can tell by the title of the post I got to attend a 7 course food and wine pairing hosted by Radisson Blu’s Chophouse & Dion Wines featuring Rutini Wines from Argentina, presented by Alejandro Camus; an international wine sommelier with over 19 years experience working in the wine industry.


Once again chophouse presented an exciting menu full of culinary surprises that were plated beautifully. From clean oceanic flavors to bold meaty flavors, crispy textures and sweet sensations, each dish was paired with select Rutini wines to round off the dining experience.


 Sea Garden

Paired with Trumpeter Sauvignon Blanc 2017

Mombasa crab with lemongrass & kashmere chilli rolled in avocado, salmon marinated in vodka, grapefruit and chevril, misso jelly and wasabi mayo, crudo of sea scallop, Chorizzo chips with spoon of pimento


Jumbo & Coconut

Paired with Trumpeter Rose de Malbec 2017

Tikka flamed jumbo prawn, cappucino of mixed dal & mascarpone, butternut cream with ginger, coconut milk, basil oil & black squid arancini


Perfume of the Earth

Paired with Rutini Collection Gewurztraminer 2017

Seared beef crusted with 5 spices,with dried bougainvillea & himalayan salt, green asparagus 24 hour marinated foie gras in sauterne, beetroot & balsamic reduction.



Paired Rutini Collection Sauvignon Blanc 2017

Tornedos of duck, glazed in papaya syrup with cardamom, green pea and fresh mint, poached pears in white sangria, stilton mousse with pine nuts


Beef Sirloin

Paired with Rutini Encuentro Malbec 2014

Beef sirloin with crushed hazelnuts and cranberries, pomme bouchon, smoked eggplant with thyme, Asian blushed bok choy & iodized saffron sauce


Chilled Passion Fruit & Cheese

Paired Rutini Collection Cabernet Sauvignon Blanc 2014

Passion fruit and cream cheese rolled in Oreo biscuits served with hot berry coulis with cinnamon and anise fragrance


Chocolate Mousse

Paired Rutini Single Vineyard-Gualtallary Malbec 2014

Chocolate mousse cake inter layered with fresh mango,Butterscotch caramel crisp almond tuile, espuma of lemon cream and Thai basil.

A journey through Argentinian wine, delicate dining and great conversation is something I could get accustomed to, for 7,500/ksh if you appreciate good wine and fine dining experiences it’s certainly a treat worth the splash.

A big thank you to Dion Wines & Spirits, Rutini Wines and Executive Chef Wissem and his team, at Radisson Blu for a great dining experience.



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Sylvia Jemutai
Sylvia Jemutai

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