Cookie Cup

What’s better than milk and chocolate chip cookies?

A chocolate chip cookie cup! More like you get to have your cake (Cookie) and eat it too!..No pun intended.

If you’ve been stalking me on snap chat & Instagram you’ve probably gathered that I’ve got a thing cookies and so do most of my friends. So I teamed up with Vlogger and Interior Designer Njeri Nyakairu of SomethingDiy to make this fun cookie cup.

If you’re a fan of milk and cookies, this recipe is right up your alley. Check out the making of this cookie cup HERE.

For the recipe you will need:

1/2 Cup Butter
1/4 Cup Sugar
1/3 Cup Soft Brown Sugar
1 Egg
1 Tsp Vanilla Essence
1 Cup All Purpose Flour
Pinch of salt
1/4 Cup Chocolate chips

For the Cookie Cup
A Coffee Mug
Bar of Milk/Dark Chocolate (For the inside layer) About 2 Tbsp in each cookie cup
Milk to serve

Preheat the oven to 165ºC for 20 mins. In a large bowl cream together both the sugars and butter until light and fluffy. Crack in an egg, add in the vanilla essence and mix until well combined. Next add in the  flour and salt and mix carefully, then gently fold in the chocolate chips.

At this point the dough should be soft but not sticky so you may need to add a bit more flour.  Once ready chill the dough for 30 minuets then grease the coffee mug with butter/margarine.

Form the cookie cups in the mugs, ensuring the walls of the cookie are not too thick or too thin (about 0.3cm thick) Bake for about 35 mins or until the cookies starts to brown. Remove from the oven and let it cool.

Melt some chocolate in the microwave for 1 minuet in 30 sec bursts, then spoon it into the well of each cookie turning the cookie to coat it well. Finally flash freeze the cookie cup for 3 minuets to set the chocolate , then pour in some milk and viola! Milk and cookies all in one!

Tip : Once out of the oven while the cookie is still warm, use a sharp knife to go around the edges of the cookie cup to help ease it out of the mug. Also be careful not to burn yourself on the mug so do use a cloth when handling.


Sylvia Jemutai
Sylvia Jemutai

Sylvia Jemutai is a food and lifestyle photographer, writer, food stylist, and designer based in Nairobi. Exploring life through delicious food and photography one plate at a time. With a fondness for delicious home cooked meals, mammoth salads and occasional dessert for breakfast.