About Jemutai

Hi there, glad you stopped by,

Welcome to Dine with Jemutai

I’m Sylvia Jemutai founder of Dine with Jemutai.

Dine with Jemutai is my creative playground for all things food and photography. Every image you see on here is a story from my stove-top to the finished product. I cook, style and photograph every story. Currently based in Nairobi I’m inspired by the abundance of fresh produce and eateries Kenya has to offer.

On Dine with Jemutai, I recreate some of my fond “chef” memories and visually create stories of my food musings.

A little bit about me.

Born and raised in Kitale, I spent most of my childhood on my Grandmother’s Farm making exquisite mud pies and exploring life through daily farm activities. Even if it meant waking up at the crack of dawn I was always ready to follow my Grandmother to learn about the process of food and what you could create with it. I guess you could call it a chef story in the making. Fast forward to now rather than working in a professional kitchen I’m capturing food at it’s best from my kitchen and Nairobi’s eateries.   

Philosophy – “Listen to your Grandmother’s teachings, eat fresh, add a punch of flavor, try something new with something old & always make room for something sweet. “

If i’m not in my kitchen cooking up a storm i’m probably somewhere eating food, writing about food or, photographing food. As well as having a passion for creating beautiful food I love graphic design and branding. Being able to create strong brand image that represents an individual or company excites me.

Right! Enough about me let’s get to cook, discover and create beautiful food, photography and stories the visually inspired way!



– Dine with Jemutai A visually inspired plate –